As individuals and artists, we seek to escape a preconceived way of life led by technologies designed to colonize our daily routine, in domestic or working time. Most of our work is about mastering and reappropriate tools, industrial products and critical thinking in a creative way. For the last few years, we focused on social and environment issues as energy production, distant management or cooperation for survival. In our projects, we use living organisms as agents for change. We are very much convinced by the empowerment of care which lead to more empathy, opening and understanding of our ecosystems.

We work together since 2004 and have participated in several exhibitions and festivals among others Piksel (Bergen), Science Gallery (Melbourne), Voltaje Festival (Bogota), Rua Red art center (Dublin), EDF Foundation (Paris), Centraltrack (Dallas), National Dramatic Center (Montpellier), SKOL Art Center and Art Souterrain (Montreal) or the Santa Monica art center (Barcelona)...

Art-Act's mushroom-inspired remediation for humans
(Article written by Ewen Chardronnet, Makery)